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Curly hair is having a moment. From waves to ringlets, women everywhere are embracing styles that give their locks more movement, texture, volume, and bounce. Straight haired ladies looking for a significant change should consider a perm, which will make their curly dreams come true without the need for daily heat styling. Meanwhile, naturally curly textures can also benefit from the curl-enhancing and smoothening powers of a perm.

1. Curly Hair Perm

A perm can enhance your natural curl pattern, making it more consistent or defined. Alternatively, those with natural curls can change to a looser style, like beachy waves, with a perm. It’s all about the technique your stylist uses to create your new hair texture.

2. Wavy Hair Perm

Like straight hair, wavy hair responds well to perming. Depending on the type of material your stylist uses to set the curls, you can go from mermaid waves to ringlets, finger waves, or spiral coils. A perm will give you a more defined look and completely refresh your hairstyle.

3. Long Hair Perm

Perms suit hair of all lengths, so if you’ve always wanted to have a mane of cascading curls, your dream can come true. Lengthy locks look fantastic with both tighter curls and looser waves, or a very natural mixed perm. However, bear in mind that the perm process can take several hours on very long, thick hair.

4. Short Hair Perm

Short hair looks fantastic with a perm. However, because there’s less hair to work with, your stylist will need to use smaller rods to set the curls – meaning you’ll get more of a ringlet-style look. The result is a cute mop of retro-style curls with a youthful and free-spirited finish.

5. Shoulder Length Hair Perm

Shoulder length hair suits almost every style, including curls. If you want to change up your length as well as your hair’s texture, a perm could be the answer. The curling process will make your hair look shorter than it is without needing a cut. Plus, curly hair looks thicker and has more volume than straight hair.

6. Medium Hair Perm

For women who love the fashion of the ’70s, a medium hair perm complements the style perfectly. Take your cues from Penny Lane in Almost Famous and opt for softer curls with plenty of texture. You’ll end up with a mane that looks effortlessly cool, wild, and free.

7. Perm for Fine Hair

Spiral perms and beach waves are the best options for fine hair as they immediately add volume. The decision depends on the final result you want to achieve. While beach waves look more casual and effortless and won’t change the length of your hair too much, a spiral perm will give you defined, bouncy curls and make your hair look a lot shorter.

8. Black Hair Perm

Black hair can be permed to make the curls looser or change the natural curl pattern. You can also get a straight hair perm if you have natural Afro-textured hair and want super straight results – similar to those achieved with a relaxer. Like all chemical processes, however, a perm will cause some damage. Use deep conditioning treatments and keep your hair moisturized to avoid breakage.

9. Bleached Permed Hair

Curly blonde locks are a stunning look, but your hair transformation won’t be overnight. That’s because perming and bleaching are chemical processes, and both will damage your hair to an extent. As a result, it’s recommended that you space the treatments several weeks or months apart to avoid breakage. Some salons will also apply a bond restoring treatment, like Olaplex, before and after the bleaching to ensure your hair stays as healthy as possible.

10. Asian Hair Perm

Because the Asian hair type tends to be straighter, thicker, and stronger than Caucasian hair, new perming processes were developed to give more effective results. The hot perm – also known as a ‘digital perm’ – is an enduringly popular option. The technique uses a heat tool to seal in the curly style, which looks softer and more natural than a traditional perm.

11. Spiral Perm for Long Hair

A spiral perm gives your hair a retro, defined, corkscrew curl. It instantly adds volume to fine hair and makes your locks look thicker. While the original version was popular in the ’80s, today’s take has a more natural finish. To give your spiral perm a modern twist, brush out the curls instead of leaving them intact.

12. Loose Waves Perm Long Hair

For most women, loose waves are the perfect hairstyle. Flattering and feminine, it’s a soft and low-maintenance style that also makes hair look thicker. Instead of daily heat styling, those with naturally long and straight hair should consider a loose wave perm. The result will look natural and effortless and save you time.

13. Beach Wave Perm for Short Hair

A lob cut with beachy waves is a timelessly chic hairstyle, and it’s ideal if your hair is on the finer side. Short, curly hair appears thicker and has more body and movement than long, straight hair. Curls also make you look younger and can help balance out a thinner face. A beach wave perm will give you beautiful results that last for months instead of hours.

14. Beach Wave Perm for Medium Hair

Find yourself reaching for your curling tongs every day? A beach wave perm will give you ocean-ready locks all summer long, with no heat-styling required. Soft and natural, the beach wave perm looks effortless and sexy on medium hair. It will provide straight hair much-needed body and texture or give some structure to messy and uneven curls.

15. Hairstyle for Short Permed Black Hair

Perming is one of the methods of changing the curl pattern of Afro-textured hair. One option for short black hair is a soft curly bob. Effortlessly glamorous and flattering, you’ll still retain all the bounce and movement of your natural hair. Add a subtle side parting or bangs for an even more stunning finish.

16. Hairstyle for Medium Permed Black Hair

Because a perm loosens tight and kinky natural curls, your hair will be longer. That, in turn, gives you a variety of new styling options. One of the most beautiful styles for medium permed black hair is a messy bun. Leave some front pieces free to help frame your face and keep the look soft, pretty, and casual.

17. Hairstyle for Long Permed Black Hair

Long permed black hair has a multitude of styling options, but why not show off your fresh curls by wearing them loose? It’s an effortlessly cool and beautiful style that makes the most of your hair’s length. For a subtle change, try parting your hair differently, too.

18. Straight Hair Perm

Perms aren’t just for turning straight hair curly – the treatment also works the other way. Because the chemicals in a perm alter the structure of your hair, it can also make it straight. This type of perm uses different chemicals to a relaxer but is still suitable for Afro-textured hair, unlike other processes like Japanese Straightening.


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