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All-purpose clothing tips

Tips on dressing: the most concerned about shopping in the new season is what is popular in the current season, which models can promote you to be a fashion celebrity, and which models can make you fall into the outdated and outdated queue. Today, I would like to share with you some tips on dressing and matching.

Tips 1: 

Avoid wearing skirts with hard materials, because the quality is too thick and hard, which will make people look bloated. And it can let you skillfully wear elegant retro style.

Tip 2:

Avoid wearing a puffed up skirt. Choose A-line skirt or a skirt that swings with body movements, such as pleated skirt and round skirt.

Tip 3: 

The lines are concentrated on the chest, which can have a high effect. The lines of the cloth belt concentrated on the chest are very prominent, that is to say, even the dress with more pleats can look slim.

Tip 4:  

Don't wear a shirt and silk scarf with the same pattern on a patterned top. Striped or patterned tops need to be matched with plain pants. When two coats are worn inside and outside, it's better to match the same color or large contrast in color to have a better look.

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Tip 5: 

The height of shoes should be suitable, which can make you look graceful. But if the heel is more than 10 cm, it will destroy the balance of the body and the proportion of clothes, but it is not beautiful.

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    The last pair of red high-heeled shoes is mine!

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    I like that patterned shirt so much

  • Posted on by Layla

    This article came out in time. I just need to buy clothes.

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