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Does makeup hurt your skin?

Does makeup hurt your skin? Many people say that makeup is not good for the skin, in fact, cosmetics on the skin is not so harmful, as long as makeup after doing a good job of removing makeup cleaning and skin care, the skin is no harm to change. Let’s take a look at the ways to reduce the damage of makeup to the skin.

Make-up hurts the skin or does not make up hurt the skin?

Make-up hurts the skin.

Most cosmetics are made of chemicals, there is a certain degree of damage to the skin, makeup removal is the same, the skin is also a certain degree of harm. Frequent make-up, easy to destroy the skin barrier, let the skin tolerance decreased, and cosmetics inside some of the irritating ingredients, but also let the skin appear acne, inflammation. People who wear make-up are prone to pores clogging, light-sensitive skin, contact dermatitis, etc. So makeup is not recommended frequent painting, a week or leave so a day or two without makeup, in the choice of skin care products, choose mild, can take some vitamin C in moderation. Make-up is harmful to the skin, and in order to reduce this damage, it needs to be scientifically removed. If the light makeup, cosmetics are not waterproof, that with makeup remover on it, after the removal of face wash, excessive cleaning of the skin is also a kind of injury to the skin, will make the skin become more sensitive and fragile.

It's good for skin without makeup every day?

If it’s true that make-up hurts the skin, the skin of actresses who need heavy makeup every day can’t be so good, and we ordinary people can wear makeup for much shorter time than the stars. And people who like make-up will usually pay more attention to skin care, will often apply the mask, to the skin to do a thorough clean, skin condition will be much better than people who do not pay attention to skin care. And those long-term face without makeup people generally do not pay too much attention to their skin state, often with water wash face, simple smear on the spot cream on the door, face long spots or acne may not be found in time. And make-up people because of the concealer, so the face has a little blemishes can be found quickly, and as soon as possible to find a way to deal with, so may skin condition will be better than long-term face without makeup people!

Make up method to reduce the harm of make-up to skin

Make up the simplest steps without damaging the skin:

Preparation before Makeup: first, wash your face before making up. Moisturizing cream or moisturizing lotion is the key step. Good moisturizing cream will lay a good foundation for makeup before putting on the foundation, so that the next step will not dry the skin on the face, and it will make the skin look crystal clear.

     1.Isolation cream. 

Many girls skip this step when they make up. In fact, this step is very important.

Step: with the bean size point on the face, smear evenly on it. It must be noted that it must not be used too much. Green and blue base milk has a good covering effect, suitable for people with spots or other defects. Purple is more suitable for Oriental yellow skin. White is more suitable for transparent makeup.

      2.Foundation solution. 

It’s the same way as the cream.

Step: double the amount of cream and apply it evenly on the face. Pay attention to the eyes, hair and forehead of the junction should also be daubed evenly. Otherwise others can see you make up at a glance.

     3.Concealer cream or Concealer liquid.

Only for people with small facial blemishes.

Step: you can use a small brush to gently cover and around the defect. This foundation does not need to be beaten too thick. It can also cover spots and blain. Another use is to apply concealer to double brows to nose 1/3 and under the eyes. This can not only cover the dark circles, but also play a role in brightening.


If the above three steps are completed, the makeup has reached the desired effect, the powder can be omitted, and the powder can be directly dispersed to achieve the effect of brightening.

Steps: gently pat the face with a powder puff, pay attention to evenly powder, and also pay attention to the exposed parts of the head should be powdered, looking more energetic, to achieve the effect of makeupP

     5.Loose powder.

Step: as long as gently slap on a layer of powder can. Pay attention to the junction of the face and neck.

      6.Make up of eyes.


Eyebrows: it’s important to trim the eyebrows.

Eye shadow: you can choose the collocation of colors according to different garments.

Step: pay attention to the transition of color when changing eye shadow. For example, pink eye shadow, first of all the entire orbit is coated with a layer of light powder, and then deepen in the vicinity of the eyelash. After finishing make-up, brush a layer of white powder on the eyebrow bone and nose bridge. Can achieve the effect of highlighting the three-dimensional sense.

Eyeliner: the average girl does not want to go to the eyeliner, but a good eye liner can make her eyes brighter.

Step: one way is to use eyeliner to place eyeliner in the neutral part of the eyelash. It will look more natural. The lower eyeliner can be made of white eyeliner, which can make your eyes bigger.

      7. Lip modification.

Step: pay attention to the lip gloss, do not spread the whole mouth, it looks like you did not wipe after dinner. If you put lip gloss on the middle point of the lip, and then sip it, the effect will be better.


The difference between long-term make-up and never make up


Make up for a long time

     1.In fact, girls who make up for a long time usually pay special attention to her skin condition. At least, the sisters who are enthusiastic about make-up are diligent in skin care every day. Every day there are good skin care girls, even if they make up for a long time, the skin condition will not be too bad. But if you often need make-up, but do not do strict skin care, even if your skin is good, some substances in cosmetics will slowly “erode” and become worse and worse. This question is also certain.

     2.“Never make up”

In fact, many girls who never make up feel that their skin will become very good. Because their original skin condition is good, there is no need to worry about makeup. Therefore, the necessary skin care steps are often ignored. Then your skin must be a girl who doesn’t make up all the time and insists on skin care. Because the skin will be eroded by ultraviolet rays and dust, the skin will naturally age, and the skin will have various problems. But if you take your skin seriously and take good care of it, it must be another result. Therefore, long-term make-up and “never make up” do not directly affect the skin condition of fairies. The difference in skin condition is whether you always take care to protect your skin. If you take care of your skin, whether you make up or not, your skin can always maintain a very good state, so do not ignore skin care, can not be lazy.


In a word, as long as the face is clean enough and daily care is proper, makeup can be as you like.




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    Facial cleansing is the most important thing.

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    I don’t even want to make up when I’m wearing a mask.

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