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Christmas is coming. Are you ready to seize the last time of 2019 to be the most beautiful yourself?

This article mainly talks about 4 styles of clothing matching skills!

Let's see~

(All clothes in the article can be purchased by clicking the picture)


Red and green are always the spokesmen of Christmas!

Long Sleeve Ruffle Maxi Dress


In attending a formal Christmas party, not only do you want to be a party queen, but also comfortable clothes are very important for social performance.

Soft fabric and elastic lace on the splicing arm, then this lace dress is a good choice for you!

The ruffle extending from the waist to the bottom increases the extension and refinement of the overall shape, making the whole person look taller.

Not only the front shape needs to catch people's eyes, but also the V-neck on the back gives people unlimited reverie when dancing with people.


Work time can also be full of Christmas!

Half Sleeve Special Pleats Slit Bodycon


One piece office dress with low-key but wrinkled design sense. 

Although it's warm red, it's not at all blatant. 

The white lovely peach heart at the waist and the slender high heels on the feet echo each other, giving a serious and delicate feeling.


You can be a girl at any ages!

Lace Short Sleeve Boat Neck Swing Dress


Even if it is the same garment, as long as different styles are decided, different effects will appear. 

Just like with the braided hair style full of girlhood, the whole style can be several years younger and full of girlhood! 

It can be combined with some delicate rose gold necklace bracelet to make the whole shape more elegant.


Vintage Christmas style is a good idea!

Sweetheart Neckline Cap Sleeve Cocktail


Elegant purple can be said to be a romantic synonym for Christmas. 

Mystery, elegance and sexuality are all vividly displayed in purple. 

The design of sweetheart collar and cap sleeve makes the whole shape look lovely and moving. 

Oh Don't forget the importance of tea hat!


What are you going to wear this Christmas?

Leave your comments below for sharing!❤


  • Posted on by Joanne

    Nice short sleep boat neck swing dress! I love it!

  • Posted on by Berenice

    If only I had read this article before Christmas!

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