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How do I care for my skin while wearing a mask?

Affected by COVID-19 masks have suddenly become a necessity in our lives. Whether it's going to work, buying food, going to the park, as long as we step out of the house, wearing masks on our faces, and there are hours around. In addition to feeling depressed, some people also found that wearing masks for long periods of time, but also have acne on their faces. So why is it easy to get acne when you wear a mask? What should we do about it?

Skin problems due to long-term mask wearing.

Acne: Long-term wearing a mask is not breathable, and the nasal cavity will exhale moisture, talk and cough will also produce saliva, will cause the nose and chin near the formation of a humid environment, face may appear acne.

Dry and itchy skin: When wearing a mask, if you speak, the mask will move frequently on the face and come into contact with the skin. Some skin sensitive friends, may appear dry, itchy skin.

Skin Allergy: For friends with very sensitive skin, wearing a mask often may even lead to skin irritation, especially wearing some masks that are reused multiple times and of poor quality.

Wear a mask for skincare tips.

1. Pay attention to the skin's oil and water balance.

Whether it is oily skin, if in the oil and water imbalance, and wear a mask all day stuffy, it is easy to let the skin oil or even long acne. Therefore, maintenance should pay special attention to oil water balance, oily skin can use oil skin care products to improve the oil condition, dry skin in addition to the use of lotion cream, can be combined with the use of mask or moisturizing essence to adjust the skin condition, so that the skin will not be due to excessive water shortage and oil. You should avoid the use of heavy texture and excessive moisturizing skin care products, easy to oil the option of a more refreshing cream, to minimize the burden on the skin.

2. Can I wear a mask with makeup?

Before you wear a mask, clean your face. Especially in the compression position, in order to reduce friction, can be more moisturizing.

It is important to note that when wearing a mask, try not to apply foundation. In the mask environment, the foundation may increase friction and even inhale, causing injury.

Wearing mask makeup of course to make a burden on the skin, but the editor and many women inevitably wear mask makeup days, the preferred texture of thin foundation, and even if not on the foundation, the most basic sun protection is also necessary, can use a refreshing texture of oil control sunscreen, and then also to sweep on the powder, because the powder in addition to help control oil, but also reduce friction between the mask and skin, reduce skin sensitivity opportunities.

After removing the mask, also clean the skin and apply moisturizing products again. If the skin already has allergies, smouldering situation, it is recommended to remove the mask in time, the whole face for gentle cleaning, and then coated with skin care moisturizer.

3. Regular use of oil blotting paper, every 4 hours change the mask.

The biggest cause of poor skin due to wearing a mask is moisture in the mask, so in the case of hands cleaning, every one to two hours, you can open the mask in an empty place, so that the skin maintain normal humidity. At the same time, you can also take advantage of this moment to check the nose wing, chin and other easy to accumulate grease location, simple use tissue printing grease dirt, if you are sensitive muscle or oily skin, make sure to change the mask once every 4 hours.

4. Thoroughly cleanse the skin at night.

In order to prevent bacteria organic good, go home after washing hands to remove the mask will be the first time to clean, but do not over-clean or horn, but will damage the skin barrier, choose mild cleansing products, the next day to do deep cleaning mask can be. Some people because wearing a mask without makeup, the night may clean the skin is not so careful, but if there is a wipe isolation cream, waterproof sun protection, even if there is no makeup, or need to be thoroughly cleaned makeup removal, so that these products and air dust and other combinations in the face residue.

5. Antibacterial anti-inflammatory skin care.

Long-term wearing masks lead to bacterial reproduction, wearing masks out of acne also become a nightmare, this time skin care in addition to doing a good job of cleaning, is the choice of anti-inflammatory antibacterial skin care products to do a good job of protection, hidden skin oil balance, in order to enhance skin immunity, improve acne, acne and sensitivity and other issues.

6. Don't squeeze acne

The formation of acne is caused by the secretion accumulated in the hair follicle. Although extrusion can sometimes discharge the acne, it is more likely to crush the acne, and then the broken secretion next to it will cause inflammation. As a result, the skin tissue is destroyed and a cavity is formed. Therefore, do not squeeze the acne.

I hope we can all have a good mood to face the epidemic together. Wish you all good health and good skin!


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    No wonder I have acne. I finally found the cause of my acne.

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    It’s too late, I’ve had a few acnes.

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