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Did you wash your face right in winter?

It's getting colder and colder. All the people who can come out to meet are life and death friends. All the people who can come out to work are outlaws. All the people who can come out to date are true love. The sun is not called the sun, but the light in the refrigerator 

In this harsh environment, we not only suffer from life's critical attack, but also suffer from unstable skin condition every day. Life also seems to open the hard mode, of which skin problem is the first.

In winter, the metabolism of human body is slow, the secretion of sebaceous glands and sweat glands is reduced, and the skin is in a dry and thirsty state. In addition, the temperature of the air-conditioning room is higher and the outdoor temperature is lower. The temperature difference causes the "abnormal" contraction of skin capillaries, which leads to skin pain, dry itching, red blood, acne, etc. Those sisters who "rush to seek medical treatment" and whether your skin care moves are "revenge" or "mouth gun", it's 2020, time to wake up!

Today, the editor will take you to check and correct the skin care mistakes that are easy to appear in the next winter, so as to help your skin survive the winter safely.

Myth : too cold to wash your face with hot water? 

It is warm to wash your face with hot water in a cold day, but if you wash your face with hot water for a long time, the activities of sebaceous glands and sweat glands will be strengthened, which will stimulate the tension of the skin, and the skin will become dry, fragile, more sensitive, and prone to wrinkles. In addition, hot water can also make pores and blood vessels dilate, weaken the vitality of blood vessel wall, reduce skin elasticity, and weaken skin elasticity.

In fact, cold water is not very recommended, because although there is a saying that cold water washing can exercise the cold resistance of the skin and enhance the body's resistance. But cold water wash face is not easy to thoroughly clean the skin, easy to lead to oil and dirt residues in the skin.

Beauty experts pointed out that for facial maintenance, the best wash water should be warm water, 34 ℃ is the best. 

Myth : the same set of skin care products in winter and summer?

The skin is composed of epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous tissue. The epidermis is is composed of cuticle layer, spine layer and basal layer from outside to inside. This kind of skin structure is synthesized to make corresponding adjustment according to the change of external environment, and plays the role of defense against the invasion of chemicals, bacteria, etc. However, the inevitable internal aging caused by the growth of age makes the adjustment and protection functions gradually passivated. So in different seasons, we need to adjust the types of skin care products according to the actual situation.

In summer, due to the secretion of sebaceous glands and sweat glands, the excretion function is vigorous, while the face is oily and sweaty, which is easily stimulated by dust and dirt, blocking and causing inflammation such as folliculitis (acne, acne). Therefore, it is necessary to keep the skin clean and dry the facial oil with a paper towel when going out. This season's skin care products, oil control, refreshing, protection is the key word, non sensitive muscles can even consider skin care products containing trace alcohol ingredients to assist anti-inflammatory toner.

In the cold winter, the secretion of sebaceous glands decreased, which made the skin lose luster and dry. Dry skin needs not only oil, but also water. At this time, we need to focus on some high moisturizing ingredients to help moisturize the skin, some skin friendly oils to help the skin form a protective film, and some fermentation ingredients to help resist pollution, and try to avoid alcohol and other irritant ingredients.

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    Can you write more about skin? It’s too useful for me.

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    No wonder my face is dry. I didn’t wash it properly

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