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Five tips for cooling off in the summer

We’re waiting, we’re waiting for summer and warmth – but it’s not just the warmth that’s coming, the heat coming! How to cool myself away from the air conditioner?

This article for you to collect some tips on the cooling in the wear, if interested, follow us to watch!

1. Choose modern fabrics: lyocell and modal

We’re used to the best heated fabric being linen. According to the “official” rules, linen cannot be ironed – but we are sometimes perfectionists, sometimes ironing linen every night 🙂

The relatively new name of the organization – lyocell, modal – is questionable. What if it’s synthetic? No, these are modern environmental lyse. They are made of natural wood, which perfectly passes through the air and absorbs moisture, and the sliding lyocell cool the skin well.



If you put your backpack or school bag on your shoulder, your clothes are too tight. For you, it can even get hotter, and the wet stains will remain on the fabric – and may even be dyed.


3. Replace jewelry with sunglasses

Wearing jewelry at high temperatures is not pleasant and sometimes unsafe: it’s hard to remove a ring or bracelet. Warm, moist skin oxidizes jewelry, which loses its luster. Let’s focus on sunglasses

Important: This is not only a fashion detail, sunglasses can even prevent heat stroke.


4. Cool your legs

We’re used to “keeping our feet warm” and sometimes even wear ingenuity sneakers in high temperatures. But the natural state of the foot is slightly cooler than the body temperature. Keep this in mind when you’re a kid: Worrying about the cool legs of your parents and grandmothers and excess socks are often the cause of overheating!

At high temperatures, it’s especially important to make shoes that fit your size perfectly – otherwise it increases the risk of corn and wear.


5.Wider, airy costume design

If your work environment requires you to wear business suit pants, loose design must be the best selling item in summer. Because the loose line design makes the whole pants more easy to flow air, if it is changed into a dress, the effect is better.


Want to know if this article has solved your problem, if you have any other good way, let us leave a message below to share it with everyone!

See you next time 🙂


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    In this hit an egg on the road will be cooked weather, this time is too much need for this article.

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    amazing! I can’t survive without the air-conditioned room.

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