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Iris Apfel’s lifestyle and rules: lots of jewelry and lots of optimism

Those who are familiar with the world of fashion and jewelry can’t help but know this hot person:)

Today, I would like to review some encouraging facts in her life, as well as her romantic and philosophical quotes.


If you can describe it in a few words, iris is a romantic romanticist for me.


Strong elasticity.

love your life.

Love color.

Love people: everyone is beautiful to her.

When you look at people and the world in this way, everything will come true.

Has she had the opportunity to grow up in art and fashion since she was a child?

Her family was not poor, but her childhood was the cruelest of the great depression.

What did her mother say to support a girl who wanted to dress well?

Buy a black tuxedo, you’ll always wear something.

Iris changed her dress by wearing a small black dress with scarves and jewelry.

When she met unimaginable light, she met her future husband.

In all the years of a happy marriage (nearly 70 years), they are surprised, happy and supportive.

Her husband has lived for more than a hundred years – what other arguments are needed to support a lot of jewelry?

But seriously, the couple created the whole industry all their lives.

Iris has come up with the best fabrics for fashion companies, although she has sketched for herself from the beginning – another argument that supports the fact that you need to do what you like and “do it for yourself.”.

Iris asked one of the best museums in the world to exhibit a collection of jewelry and souvenirs – another argument that supports the fact that you can wake up. However, you need to “work for yourself” and sincerely bring happiness to your beloved career.

What does iris say?

I’m a real romantic. I’ve never bought anything for something of value. My husband said I looked at a piece of cloth and listened to the line. They told me the story. They sang to me. I have to have a physical reaction when I shop.

Like iris – even a cold can be creative:)

Like iris – your portrait will be a masterpiece of meme and Pop Art:)

I’m colored. If I don’t try, I’ll never be famous. I like big bags. My glasses are too big to fit in a small handbag.

Like iris – Barbie will give you:)

I haven’t changed my style for 70 years.

My thoughts have not changed my appearance.

Now everyone around me is dancing and jumping, as if I were a star.

Remember, I’m the oldest teenager in the world.

If someone doesn’t like my job, it’s their problem, not mine.

If you feel uncomfortable, it won’t look right, no matter how well you dress. I prefer happiness and comfort.

More is more, less is boring.

Today, you need to be confident in yourself, or you won’t be able to do it. And fantasy is what the modern world lacks. Fantasy is a very, very powerful phenomenon.

I do everything by instinct. If I think too much, there is nothing.

If the hair is tied and the shoes are good, you can wear them anywhere.

I always think jazz is a kind of improvisation. In terms of structure, it follows the same principles as interior decoration and clothing design: rhythm, high and low mixing, national pattern and classic elements interwoven.

You can buy fashion. But style is a natural feeling. The main key is to learn to understand yourself, which may take several years.

When you get older, you need to force yourself forward, or you will fall into a trap and start to crash. Stay active and keep you busy – it’s important.

I’m happy because I can do what I like in my 90 year old life.

I don’t like trends. I like traditions.

My husband Carl is very lucky. I’m not attracted to diamonds.

Our values, political views and tastes are the same.

He knows how to do a lot of things I can’t do, we can complement each other together.

He is charming, caring, pleasant to communicate, friendly and even able to cook.

What else does a girl need to be happy? But most of all, he always knows how to make me laugh.

You know, I look like a hooligan, but in terms of marriage, I’m old-fashioned, like high heels.

I never rebelled and didn’t want to offend anyone.

The main thing for me is that my mother shouldn’t be upset because of me, and my husband will be happy.

They even told me that I changed someone’s life!

I think: if I try to influence her, what kind of miserable life does this baby live.

Let me add to this: when I see a picture of iris of a boy suffering from albinism, I have a deeper understanding of how important it is for us to accept ourselves, the difference from the standard and personal beauty.

Make a difference!

I feel like I’m doing my part to liberate women. They understand that they have absolutely no obligation to look like everyone else, let alone think like everyone else. This idea makes me happy. Isn’t that the biggest reward?

I never thought about my age. Maybe that’s the secret. I didn’t think about years – I just went through their lives. Age is just a number.

I also realized that work was like medicine to me. I love my work and am committed to it.

So what? You start to fall, but then pack up, straighten and move on. You may not like to grow old, but what are your options? You are still here, very happy! Invest in your work experience and share with others what you can give them.

Find a partner who is happy for your success.

‘anyone who meets him knows he’s a real gentleman,’ iris Apfel said of his husband, Karl.

Legends of his generosity and sense of humor spread. We finished almost all the work together. He encouraged and supported me, which made it possible for my book to be published. He pushed me to the public and enjoyed my success. He has much more fun from my achievements and awards than I have.

I miss him very much. Good sleep, handsome prince!

If there is anything that can make your heart beat faster, do it!

I never thought that people would know me personally and know my name. I didn’t expect it to be called a style icon. I don’t think the museum will show my clothes and accessories in the exhibition. I didn’t expect to be the face of a ponytail cover girl or a cosmetics company in the ’90s.

I didn’t expect that. I’m just gifted with something, and I do what I feel. If something sounds interesting and impressive – I did it, but I was worried later. It takes a lot of energy and perseverance to do new things. It’s exhausting to create new things, learn new skills and overcome fear. Most people would prefer to let it go, which is much easier. But it’s not that interesting!

To keep young, you want to be young!

As an old friend of mine said, when you grow up, you will wake up in the morning. If you have two arms, two legs, two eyes, two ears and two kidneys, it is likely that at least one of each pair of things will be injured. But in spite of the pain, you still have to get up and move forward. If you want to stay young, you have to act like a young person thinking.

Ability to be surprised, sense of humor and curiosity – this is my supplement! It keeps me young, almost a child, open to new friends and new things, ready to take risks. I never wanted to be an old wallet. I keep my own record, I’m the biggest teenager now, and I intend to move on in the same way.

Focus on your own ideas, better than anyone else

I never tried to please everyone. That doesn’t mean I’m a rebel or have done something socially unacceptable, but I realized early on that in order to ensure myself, I need to be myself.

If you try to be everyone, and for everyone, it ends up being nobody and nobody needs you. For people who need to tag everything, but for me, my style may look “different” or “weird.”. I didn’t dress up as a star, but as myself. When you wear clothes that are different from everyone else, you may not think like everyone else.

However, it's not worth isolating yourself from society

There is another side to the coin: I am not an island, I am a part of a common whole. I adapt to society in my own way. I’ve never followed the rules in anything, and now, when I’m over 90, that doesn’t make me feel uncomfortable, so I think I’ve done everything right.

But if you don’t try to adapt to society, you won’t see success. Your ideas may not be good for you. First meet expectations, then make a difference. There is a huge difference between being noticed for your originality, even loved by it, and being rejected for its innovation.

Money can't buy success

If you are happy, find your love, surround yourself with good people, do what you like, and give a part of yourself to others – that’s success. Selling souls in money is not worth the actual price you have to pay. For me anyway.

Money can't buy style

The style is not to wear expensive clothes. You can have all the money in the world and have absolutely no taste. You can wear the latest haute couture, ten thousand dollar shoes with expensive jewelry on them, and look like a Christmas tree.

The point is not what you wear, but how you wear it. I spent three dollars on bracelets and expensive things, and I got a lot of fun out of them. I like to mix haute couture with simple things, and collect expensive and cheap elements into a whole. The spirit of things is very important to me, not the price. When you try to “own style”, you look clumsy, like a heavy burden to put on a suit for yourself, it seems that your things enter the room earlier than yourself. When you worry too much about appearance, even if you choose your clothes properly, they will not look dignified. It’s better than a happy dress!

New challenges can be met in a small step.

You will lose only if you don’t try! I never worry about not achieving because I’m a woman. I started a textile company and learned how to manage it. If I think too much before opening up the old world weavers, I may never realize my dream. Sometimes, even in small steps, you have to start doing something. Based on the results of my 90 year tour of the earth, I can say that I used this philosophy in everything I did and the way I dressed, and she never let me down.

Don't pretend to be younger than you are

There is nothing wrong with wrinkles. When you get older, it’s foolish to try to look much younger. You won’t cheat anyone. When you are 75 years old and undergoing plastic surgery, no one will still believe that you are 30 years old.

According to fashion business magazine, iris Apfel is among the 500 most influential people in the global fashion industry.

My secret is simple: I only wear the clothes I like.

I never go to the store to buy a complete set of clothes.

I bought something I like, and when it’s time to form an image and combine very different elements, I’ll finish the task quickly. Of course, clothing is important to me, but it doesn’t take me all the time.

In my life, I do a lot of things, sometimes I don’t even have the chance to think about what I will wear today.

Iris barrel Apfel was born in Queens (New York, USA) on August 29, 1921. He is the family of an American businessman. The owner of a fashion shop is a company that provides glass and mirror products to interior designer Samuel barrer, as well as a Russian immigrant.

Thank you for all the power, color and inspiration!

It’s like iris – even gloves.

I have a lot of cooperation with museums, hospitals, universities.

I like to go to the museum without thinking about my clothes. When I’m in a bad mood, I put on ordinary sweaters and jeans. I started wearing them in my forties.

I was one of the first women in the United States to wear jeans. For a long time I had to buy men because women didn’t know how to produce. In 1940, I was at the University of Wisconsin, and I really wanted to wear a pair of jeans with a big scarf. I had to go to the navy uniform store. Then all the workers are so huge that they can easily cut down a tree like cartoon characters.

Of course, the size of jeans I buy in the store can’t be a priori. Indeed, when the saleswomen heard why I came here, they quickly drove me out of the door. But then I found a suitable size. Start with that.

I feel very lucky to know iris. I felt her passion for life and I was inspired by it. Indeed, I was influenced by her. Compared with my own mentality and life, I may be getting better. If you like iris, you can leave your message in the comment area and let us know what you think.


I wish you have a nice day.


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