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A silk scarf is enough to double your fashion!

From the moment of the rise of silk scarves, it seems that owning a silk scarf is a fashionable symbol.

With the increasing brain holes of fashion elites and the diversification of silk scarves, the neck has long been the only domain of silk scarves. Playing with silk scarves is brain hole. Today, I’ll teach you how to use a silk scarf to make the Freestyle in the modeling play to the extreme!


There are more than one way to tie the neck. 

The most basic way is to tie the neck. A small silk scarf is gently looped around the neck. It’s delicate and generous. It’s a common way to wear it on the show every season.

The scarf is tied on your neck and kisses your neck. It is highly used in daily life and can increase the sense of detail.

In fact, in addition to knotting on the neck, this method is also good.

Casual hanging on the neck is also very chic. The drooping scarf can visually extend the neck, making the whole person look tall and thin.


Follow Hepburn to get the retro beauty. It can also create a dignified and elegant exotic style to tie the silk scarf on the hair.

Like Hepburn, the scarf is wrapped on the head, and the two ends of the scarf are tied on the mandible, which not only perfectly decorates the face shape, but also makes the original three-dimensional facial features more flexible.

Hair Circle

Use silk scarf instead of hair circle, even a simple ponytail is super fashionable!


The same is the use of scarves on the head of the article, scarves into earrings is not a lot of advanced?

Wrap the silk scarf around the earrings for decoration. The hard Earrings add the soft and gorgeous silk scarf, which also has human feelings.


Tie the scarves to your hands, which is the most chic Bracelet!

There’s nothing to say about the embellishment function of scarves. At Gucci show, scarves are used to tie on arms to decorate simple men’s clothes. 

Don’t underestimate the imagination of fashion people. Countless potential silk scarves have been developed.

Tie the scarves to the forearms. In addition to being fashionable, they can actually block the fat on the arms.


Can be tied on the wrist, what is impossible on the ankle? A silk scarf made the ankles look less bare.

Even if you are a college style, you can have a silk scarf of your own, which instantly turns into a sweet college style.

A silk scarf can start from the ankle, whether it’s a cool casual style.

Or to match with sweet high heels, silk scarves can play a role in icing on the cake.

Crop Top

Can you imagine a silk scarf that one day can also do Bellyband put on the show? THAT’S WHAT TOD’S DID.

Not long ago Bella also followed in the footsteps of the sisters, put a red scarf around the belly to wear out.

Beyonce wears a red belly for a concert.


Use a scarf instead of a belt, one second to save the monotony match!

TOGA show place to wrap scarves around the waist with a belt mash-up, the original able professional suit instantly more feminine.

The scarf as a belt is absolutely to save the monotony with the big kill trick, colorful silk scarf tied around the waist, different fabric texture, immediately light up the whole look!

A long, thin silk scarf, soft and gorgeous, can be more interesting than a serious belt!

Handbag Handle

Wrap the bag with a silk scarf! Silk scarves are used as ornaments, and the eye-catching and high-grade also protect the handle. Now the bag accessories are endless, in fact, silk scarves can also be used as accessories tied to the bag, not only to protect the most wearable handle, but also as part of the package decoration.

The bag is tied to a silk scarf, not only on the grade raised a lot, but also can be taken down at any time to decorate your overall match.

Bags of a single color, with colorful silk scarves, all of a sudden the bag has a new soul!

A beach holiday is of course standard with straw bags and silk scarves, which is what summer should look like.

Article from Bazaar

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