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For funky and age-reducing, try “retro hairpins”

Every year, there will be a good-looking hair brush boom circle of friends, after all, for girls, fashion is not simply to put on clothes, hair and makeup are also important. At this time, I think of last year’s colorful hairpin with fire. Isn’t this hairpin full of hair that was used when I was a kid? I didn’t expect this kind of “retro card” to be popular until this year.

There are still many popular hair accessories this year, such as lovely butterfly hair, with pink and tender colors and makeup of pink and tender bulingbulign, are they very sweet and lovely like Barbie dolls.



When it comes to “retro hairpin”, this cute baby hairpin can’t be less. Isn’t the colorful hairpin cute, but it’s a little naive for a mature girl, but it’s such a naive hairpin that has exploded the circle of friends for several years. If you want to be fashionable, try “retro hairpin”. You can’t underestimate this cute and childish hairpin.




Retro hairpin

In fact, the “retro hairpin” can catch fire because of the retro style in the fashion circle, followed by the rise of childhood style and even Grandma style hairpin. Although the design looks a little outdated, it has to be said that it is really beautiful.

How popular is “retro hairpin”? Many fashion brands, such as Chanel, Gucci and so on, have launched “vintage hairpin”, and the classic design has attracted numerous trendsetters. The cycle of fashion has always existed.




Pearl hairpin

In the past, when it comes to pearls, most people really dislike them all over their faces, because in the impression, pearls are the ornaments that elder people will wear. Noble spirit is very noble, but they also look a little old-fashioned and can’t match the young and lovely “Little Fairy”. But after seeing the design of Pearl this year, it’s really beautiful, especially the Pearl hairpin.



With the Pearl hairpin entering the show of major brands, looking at the models wearing the Pearl hairpin are full of Fairy Spirit. The Pearl hairpin, which had been labeled “old-fashioned” all the time, suddenly becomes advanced, and also makes the modeling more eye-catching.


To know that pearl itself is a very gentle single, low-key luster will show women’s softness and delicacy, but where there are pearl single products, there will never be a low sense of existence. In the past, everyone had a big misunderstanding about pearl.



In the past, the Pearl single product was a little old-fashioned, but the Pearl hairpin was a very small girl’s single product. It made a kind of messy aesthetic feeling when it was clamped on the head, and it also had some Fairy Spirit in its playfulness.


I suggest that when choosing the Pearl hairpin, the size of the Pearl should be properly matched so as to highlight the lazy atmosphere. The same size of the Pearl hairpin does not have that feeling.




Dripping hairpin

Bling blign’s Dripping hairpin always gives people a “old-fashion” feeling, but when the Dripping hairpin is clipped on the head, the effect is surprising. Even a sexy girl like Kim Hyun A becomes a gentle little woman at the same time. In fact, this kind of single product can match with the desired fashion sense without any design. Only by keeping the fresh feeling of the shape, can it have a girl’s feeling.



In fact, at the beginning of the fashion of driving hairpin, it was also popular with fashion brands. It’s very unique to directly post the brand logo on hairpin. Such driving hairpin really makes people feel fresh.

This logo’s driving hairpin design, delicate and small, has a kind of handsome feeling, with sweet collocation or cool style can be very good-looking.




Color hairpin

What stars like most is this kind of childish color hairpin. It doesn’t choose skin color and style, and it’s full of vitality when it comes to age reduction.

Who would have thought that ¥2 could buy a bag of color hairpins that year, which attracted numerous fashion bloggers and stars, and became a very popular single in the fashion circle. Wearing one is not enough to attract people’s attention. You must wear it on a large area to have a strong sense of existence and a sense of street.




Metal hairpin

As a cool girl, I prefer this kind of metal hairpin. It’s usually a simple design, but full of personality. You only need to wear one to make your shape look different. You can also choose the metal hairpin with a strong sense of design, which makes the street feel more full, but it must be small and exquisite to match with other accessories, so that there will be no conflict between the pieces.



The baroque style metal hairpin full of retro feeling is the love of the show models. It looks simple but also has a gorgeous feeling. Basically, wearing such hairpin will not make mistakes, and the high-level sense will stand out. This style of metal hairpin, and dark hair color match the most suitable, really very temperament. 


If you don’t want too exaggerated metal hairpin, this small metal hairpin is also suitable for wearing. If you clip it on your head alone or in a row on your head, you can not only fix the broken hair, but also concave it in the way. It’s simple and low-key, but it doesn’t feel mediocre.



If ordinary people wear this kind of metal hairpin, they are worried that the exaggerated design is not enough for daily control. Such a small metal hairpin is very good. Although it’s smaller, it’s not monotonous to wear it on the head with a little different design decoration, and it’s a little cool, especially fashionable and good-looking.


Hope this article has solved your problem, if you have any good way, let us leave a message below to share it with everyone!

See you next time 🙂


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    A cool girl like me is wearing metal earrings.

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    I love this pearl earring!

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