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These habits can keep your home clean for 365 days

It is said that the home is clean, the financial luck is boom! But we can’t do it every day to clean the whole house, so it will be long and hard. “Cleaning Immediately ” is a quick and effective way to keep your home clean for lazy bones.

First of all, we must follow these two points:

Avoid inadvertently creating “dirty things” and block ingress from the source. 

The same is true of “dirty things”, so stop them from gathering.


Where did the dirt come from? It's where to start.

The first is the entrance. The entrance is the home of the “border guards”, to protect the home from the invasion of the outside world dirty things. So be sure to keep it clean here. In line with the entrance closer to the indoor area, the cleaner the principle, so that pollution gradually reduced.


Increasing the sink at the door is becoming more and more necessary in home design. Enter the door to change shoes – wash hands – change clothes, such a process can allow themselves to “sterile” into the home, but also to keep the home clean, to prevent external bacteria.


There is a clear dividing line between the entrance and the interior. For example, Japan’s home sinking entrance, can avoid dust, sand particles into the home.

The most routine approach is to use the floor mat to prevent dirt, good floor mats can really dust, gravel and other dirty things left on it, so that it is easy to clean the ground. Generally into the bottom of the area are the use of wire technology, such a better material “scratch the soil”, but also self-absorbing vacuum.

Overall, the mission of the entrance: to get yourself dirty and clean at home. With such a self-cleaning pass, you won’t bring dirt into the house, thereby reducing cleaning.

When we finished handling the door, we went to the window. The screen window at home is also a boundary between the outside world and the home, can block the outside world’s small dirty things. According to the life experience, the screen window is not clean, blowing into the home of the wind are with dust. A long time, dust accumulation into more, more trouble.

So, once and two weeks, the screen is cleaned once and two weeks, the dust in all parts of the home is less, the dust-absorbing housework is reduced, but also to save electricity costs (it seems that all kinds of things are linked, so do the housework). This similar screen cleaning brush is good to use.

The boundary area of the bathroom and outside the bathroom, the kitchen and outside the kitchen is also a place where dirt is easily contaminated. Water and stains in the bathroom are brought into the room with the soles of the shoes. The smoke and stains in the kitchen will also be brought into the room with the soles of the shoes, so that the floor will be dirty quickly.

Therefore, the floor mat is very useful, out of the bathroom, in the bottom mat on a slug, dirt can be less than a. Or put a pair of shoes in the bathroom or kitchen for a change.


Summary: Preventing dirt from spreading around the home does a lot of good things for cleaning. Anything, once dispersed, is not easy to take care of, cleaning is the same.

Sweep around, stop stains from becoming stubborn


The kitchen is easy to accumulate smoke, a long time, it formed a sticky heavy oil;

Therefore, to the heavy oil-stained areas are still in the construction phase to give them “eliminate.”

No matter how big the smoke is cooking, frying or soup, you have to drive on the smoke machine to smoke ah, until 3 minutes after cooking, you can close. In this way, the smoke will not run to every corner of the kitchen, or even the whole home.

We should understand that the molecular movement of gases is the fastest, so let the fumes suck them up quickly.

Using kitchen cleaners to remove stains is a common method. To deal with stubborn stains on the “smouldering it”, can also be understood as “face mask method”: the detergent sprayed on the oil contamination, and then put a layer of cling film or plastic bags, still for a period of time, and then clean it off, it is not so laborious.

In addition to oil, it is water stains. Water stains are formed in the accumulation of time, if the kitchen ventilation is not good, and often use the “drying” way, you will find the kitchen walls, roofwill inexplicably have some yellow stains, that is water stains.

If washed up with water beads of the bowl chopsticks directly into the cabinet, a long time, will also find water stains in the inside of the cabinet silently produced.

To avoid this phenomenon, we recommend manually drying the water on the chopsticks, pots, etc. Or use a drain basket to place and dry the tableware, so that cleaning the drain basket is much easier than cleaning the inside of the cabinet.

If you feel your own cabinet because of the material, it is not good to clean. Can be placed in a layer of “oil-proof waterproof stickers”, can protect the cabinet material, but also convenient for cleaning. PS: water stains are not difficult to clean, afraid of water mixing stains together.


Bathrooms are also hard hit by stains, especially water stains. First of all, we recommend that the bathroom is large and small items, as far as possible on the wall and hidden. This way the dirt won’t hide, and cleaning is easy. Ready to decorate friends, want to stay after no cleaning trouble, how to achieve bathroom 0 cleaning? Up the wall! All on the wall!

Cleaning in the bathroom is very convenient (can’t be lazy!) ). Like ……

After washing, the pool around or even the mirror is water stains, this time can wipe the mirror, the pool, will not cause the mirror is watermark and the pool inside the dirty phenomenon. (This is important)

The dirt in the pool is formed by the dirt on the surface, mixed with scale, etc. Choose a good material basin, dirt is not easy to remain on it, but also reduce cleaning trouble.

If the pool is made of ceramic, we mainly look at the glaze and water absorption rate. The quality of the glaze is related to the pollution resistance, high-quality glaze “honeycomb” very small, smooth and dense, not easy to dirty, generally do not use the use of strong decontamination products, clean water and wipe good.

If you choose enamel pool, generally not easy to hang dirty, but also very good cleaning.However, pay attention to such materials, to avoid sharp items, avoid high temperature. 

After a bath, by the way to clean the bathroom floor and walls, you can also avoid dirt. Because every bath, scale will be a large number of production, fell to the ground, walls and other places, this time we hand-to-hand wipe off the “invisible scale”, later in the bathroom can not see the yellow has grown stronger scale. 

Bathroom cleaner, we recommend universal soda, really super-good use, can wipe the bathroom light. 

Summary: immediately clean can avoid the “dirt grow stronger”, while the dirt is still weak, quickly eliminate them, there is no worries. 

Dirt will also accumulate into more, dirt will also become stronger variation. Therefore, cleaning is really necessary right away, labor-saving and worry-saving, don’t be lazy. Learned to clean every day, say goodbye to the whole house cleaning!

See you next time 🙂


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