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Five details of Party makeup must be observed

Carnival parties should be eye-catching, but not too exaggerated; they should be beautiful and moving, but not too tacky. Sometimes, it’s not always possible to master the propriety. With these tips in mind, it’s not hard to be a party queen!


The first taboo of Party Makeup:

imperfect base makeup

The season with many parties is the driest and most unbearable season of the year. The skin is either dry or peeled, pushed onto the foundation, and the bottom makeup is directly stuck in the dry leather. Or skin water and oil imbalance, local oil exuberant, make-up is easy to paste off, caking. But whatever the reason, the imperfect base makeup will be magnified several times under the party light! Destroy your queen image directly!


1. Moisturizing! Moisturizing! Or moisturizing!

Moisturizing is the top priority! Don’t take it lightly every day and night! The night before the important party, you may use the oil water oil sandwich skin care method to give first aid to the skin: you can massage the skin with cream or skin care oil after washing the face, soften the skin, make the follow-up products easier to absorb; then moisturize the lotion collocation with cotton piece, gently pat the face, melt the oil that has not been absorbed completely, then continue to wipe the daily maintenance. Products, such as cream, eye cream and so on, and finally use a layer of cream containing oil ingredients to seal the previous maintenance results.

2. First aid before make-up is also very effective!

Do not stint your make-up water, makeup to come to a 5 minutes of make-up water mask, makeup effect will be more applied!

If dry skin is found before makeup, it can be first thickened with cream and then gently massage with a cotton pad. The location of the dry skin is not only treated with first aid, but also can play the role of gentle metabolism of waste horniness. The dry skin is relaxed and does not damage the skin.


The second taboo of Party Makeup:

not everyone is suitable for big red lips

In recent years, red lips seem to have become an essential part of Party makeup. However, not everyone can draw red lips! If people with thin lips draw red lips, they will appear thinner; if people with short chin, they will draw red lips, because the color is very obvious, which will make the chin look shorter in proportion; and for people with large mouth, painting red lips will also play an important role in making the mouth appear bigger! Finally, if there is a boy you like in the party, don’t draw red lips, or as soon as you speak, a big mouth of blood will make him think you are very nagging.


The third taboo of Party make-up:

fake eyelashes of seaweed piece should be given up!

Many girls don’t make up at ordinary times. Once they arrive at the party, they feel that the opportunity to make up has finally come! Make up is easy to get thick. False eyelashes like seaweed are most likely to appear at this time. But little do not know, too thick false eyelashes, will block your eyes, on the contrary, will make your eyes appear big and inanimate, lost the spirit of dynamic. If you really want to change your eyelashes and make them curly and dense for a party, you can try wearing a pair of fake eyelashes or transparent stems. It will be more natural and effective than seaweed.


The fourth taboo of Party make-up:

too much bright powder, deep flash ball!

Bright powder used well, can play a role in brightening and enhancing look, but not good is a disaster! In particular, many girls like to paint party makeup, all the glitter on the face ~ this will really make you become the most “dazzling” flash ball on the party.

Remember: 1. Eyebrow bone must not polish powder! That’s the way people used to make up in Ancient times! 2. If it’s not a masquerade party or a magazine blockbuster, don’t cover your entire upper eyelids with powder. At the end of the day, you can use your finger pulp to put a light powder in the center of your eye, which can help you increase the flexibility. 3. In places where there is a lot of meat, don’t use bright powder to brighten it. It will show more meat. 4. In proportion, the long and wide position should not be used again. It will appear longer and wider.


The fifth taboo of Party make-up: 

makeup was ruin makes you become a panda

The party atmosphere is warm and the temperature is soaring. When you are happy, don’t forget to sneak to the bathroom to see your make-up! To be honest, there are no cosmetics that won’t make you dizzy. There are such things. What do you need to remove makeup? So diligent in make-up, is to maintain the perfect makeup! The place where things often happen is now. Eyelid out of oil, eyelashes slap on the eyelids, it is easy to faint into panda eyes. Solution, in addition to makeup before the choice of anti – dizzy dyed mascara, party in the small bag placed a few cotton sticks, the key moment also can help you play a big role! As long as the cotton stick is rolling gently at the moment, the mascara on the eyelids can be easily removed.

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Hope this article has solved your problem, if you have any good way, let us leave a message below to share it with everyone!

See you next time 🙂


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    It just so happens that I can practice my makeup skills at home.

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