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How to choose a suitable print dress?

How can a girl spend a good summer without a printed dress? Printed dress as a classic fashion single for girls can be said to be essential, but some little girls do not like the printing elements, think wearing printed skirts look old, watching a lot of stars wearing printed skirts very warm and generous, bright look, thinking why they wear so ugly? In fact, this is not a printing error, but some of the girls will not choose to match the print skirt. Then we’ll get a good look at the printed skirt and learn to choose the right matching dress.


The source of the printed dress

At first, women in European countries loved to wear a variety of skirts, whether it was daily life or formal activities, and there were rich women who liked to wear various patterns and patterns on them, some with lace on top of them. Printed skirt has been very hot since its introduction, because it looks simple and generous, but also very beautiful, it can be very literary, but also seems very warm and generous.


The choice of printed skirts

The choice of printed skirt can be controlled from two big directions, on the one hand, the color, on the other hand, the style. Color determines the style of the skirt, the style of clothing can determine your style of wear, these two aspects are very important.


1.The color of the printed skirt

1.1 Base

The bottom color of the skirt is very important, keep the bottom color pure and refreshing, the printed skirt looks harmonious. If the undertones are too complex and the prints are added, the dress will look complicated and look heavy and cumbersome. In general, black and white are the safest colors. With a white background, it looks clean and refreshing, and black looks elegant.

If you think black and white is too monotonous, you can also try red and blue, summer wearing this color of clothing will look enthusiastic.


1.2 Flower Size

The color of the printed skirt must match the undertone, otherwise it will appear very messy. The most important thing is the density of the print. If the print is too dense and the color is cluttered, it will be very old to wear it. So try to choose the print density is moderate, the print marks clearly recognizable skirt.

The size of the print on the wearing effect is also very big, the advice is to try not to pick large prints, because large prints in the visual above to produce a magnifying effect, it seems that people will appear fat, especially large complex printing, this skirt only very slim girls wear will look good. Small prints, with their visual shrinkage, will look slimmer. The bright-looking girl will be more suitable for the color of elegant, small printed simple skirts, will appear fresh and elegant, and the five gorgeous girls wearing large complex print swarms will be amazing.


The style of the printed skirt

1. Sling

Suitable for: shoulder and collarbone good-looking girl

Girls who are in good shape in the hot summer are eager to show off their good figure, and girls are essential to wear sling-printed skirts. The combination of slings and prints made the skirt no longer monotonous, with the long printed halter neckline looking tall and slim, green and white printed to complement the fresh and elegant, perfect for the shoulders and collarbones to look good at the people wear.


2. Off-shoulder

There are a lot of girls who don’t think their collarbones and shoulders look good, and there’s a lot of meat on their arms, and the off-shoulder design suits these girls. The printof of the dress caught the eye of others, who stopped paying attention to the rest of the body and covered the flesh on the upper arm.


3. Pleated printed dress

Choosing a long-sleeved pleated print edareon is also great, with no extra additions, and don’t worry about other things covering the beauty of the printed skirt itself. And because the line sense of the pleats makes the print on the skirt seem to come to life. But if you wear a single printed skirt must choose the color.


The matching of printed skirts

1. Sling printed skirt and T-shirt

While the sling skirt is fresh and cool, it doesn’t look good for lady with flesh on the upper body to look more thick on her shoulders. Instead of trying a solid-colored T-shirt, black and white and fleshy is best suited for a sling-printed skirt. The white top with a sling skirt has a good meat-covering effect. Meat color because very close to the skin color can be lined with people very white, so it is also very recommended choice.


2. Printed skirts and coats

Some girls are more shy, although like the print skirt but afraid to wear too exposed, this time the sling print skirt with a coat is the most appropriate, sling skirt plus coat is very warm. Because the printed skirt itself is a bit complicated, choose a simple jacket when paired with a denim jacket or a suit jacket, which will have an incredible effect when it collides with a sling.


3. Printed Skirts and Solid-Colored Tops

In fact, long-sleeved tops with printed skirts are also very good-looking, but to note the choice of the color of the jacket. The top is still more recommended to choose pure color, because the second half of the printed skirt has been the color of this piece filled very well, the top only need a little backing, will be particularly beautiful. The fusion of upper and lower body colors looks like a visual comfort, more like a breeze to look particularly refreshing.


4. Printed skirt and sandals

High-heeled sandals have always been women’s shoes of choice because they show up in the footsteps. Because the high-heeled sandals themselves will raise the height of the wearer a bit, and high-heeled sandals and printed skirts combined, not only bloom the female charm, but also increase the self-confidence of the wearer.


5. Printed Skirts and Sneakers

The sweet printed skirt and sneaker combination revealed a youthful vibe. This combination is very simple and generous, and it’s very simple to wear. You can also choose a slightly more mature print edare, plus a pair of sneakers, will look very young.

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